Day 19

Mollies Ridge shelter to Derrick Knob shelter – 12 miles
188.8 / 1996.5

Less than 2000 miles to go! Every shelter in the Smokies has fireplaces! Which is awesome because it rained today. It was a cloud of mist and the trees were raining when we got up. It was very windy all night at the mollie ridge shelter, which might be why nobody snored ?

Our group keeps expanding, who knows when people will start solo hiking. Tonight in the shelter we have fresh, winging it, Dirty Harry, reroute, misty, Socrates, 3 thumbs, leprechaun, Starbucks and 3 people I don’t know or forgot their names.

The day was super misty, the bald mountains we went over were like a different ecosystem altogether. It looked like a farm with an orchard on top of a mountain. We had no views because of the fog, but it was still a thrilling experience. The fresh mountain air, the wind whipping a bit, the smell of the forest after the rain, even the trail seemed mystic. It was unique, and hey-it beats working! 🙂

The rain came around 12, and that changed everything. It was hard and it made the trail slick with mud. It rained the entire remaining 3 hours til we showed up to the shelter. We all somehow made room, a fire is blazing, our stuff hanging to dry, and life is good.




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