Day 17

Brown Fork Gap shelter to Fontana Dam shelter “Fontana Hilton” – 12.7 miles
165.8 / 2019.5

So tired. Although I am writing this from a beautiful view at the ‘Hilton’ of the shelters, drinking a beer, I am beat. Ps, everything around 1700 feet is blooming.. But barely slept last night, everyone crammed in like sardines. The cold came quick and was relentless. A shelter only has 3 walls so when it’s windy it gets real cold. It hit about 15.

Besides the not sleeping part, I woke up, put wet socks on and then frozen shoes. You could literally hear my shoes creak apart as I tried to move them. But shortly the day became awesome. We moved quickly, across fields of snow and ice, murdering 6 miles in 2 hours. We came across a guy in his truck, asked if we would like to ‘slack pack’ (he drives our packs to our destination and we walk wicked light footed). The next 6 miles were like walking on the moon. We passed a Canadian couple that offered us a hitch to Fontana Village, more awesomeness.

Once in the village we stocked up on food and beer, tomorrow we are hitting the Smokey Mountains, I’m so pumped. A nice lady who hikes the same pace as us, is setting up trail magic tomorrow morning, including whiskey and breakfast. Yessss!

Tonight we met hilarious kids with giant campfire, staying at the hilton for days, cooking great food on a lake. They gave me a pepperoni quesadilla and we drank some beers and life is good!

Smokey mountains tomorrow! Can’t wait!





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