Day 16

Sassafras Gap shelter to Brown Fork Gap shelter – 9.1 miles
153.1 / 2032.2

We’ve been hiking over 150 miles so far in just over 2 weeks and it’s 6 days after spring and now it snows. We woke up to about 4 inches of it, untouched, pristine, winter wonderland. It was beautiful. We decided to hike 9 miles as it would be wet and easy to slip in. We got to the top of cheoa bald and it was absolutely stunning. Had a snack took many many photos, videos etc and went on our way.

It snowed off and on all day, we had some real tough climbs including Jacobs ladder and it was slushy muddy snowy windy etc. it was like that part in lord of the rings where saramon casts the winter spell while they are trying to pass the mountains to mordor. You know what im talking about!

Anyways it’s 24 degrees and were all in a shelter freezing. Geared up showed up last so now we got 10 in an 8 person shelter. Going to be 10-15 degrees tonight. We are all joking about dying, it’s been great fun. I hope to post more soon, I’m just too cold!






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2 Responses to Day 16

  1. Rachel Buckley says:

    Oh my god I miss your fave so much and our face timing!!!

    But I get comfort in reading your blogs daily!!!

    Stay warm and safe and I’m so proud of you!!!


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