Day 15

Wesser Bald shelter to Sassafras Gap shelter – 12.6 miles
144 / 2041.3

‘Everything is as it should be, in this moment’. You might hear me say this a lot, as I am easily excitable, but today had to of been the best day of the hike! I woke up at 7:30 and checked my watch for the temp, it was 21 degrees. Eff that noise, back to bed. Got up at 8:30, it was 22. Perfect, got up and went to find the sun. Water bottles had all frozen, but I knew it was going to be a beautiful day.

We ate breakfast and I was the last one to leave the shelter around 9:45. I quickly caught up with fresh and later reroute. We hiked for a mile before we came to the most beautiful mountain view, the jump off. We chilled and took pics, I took a video that I post in my video link under the videos tab when I have service. After an hour I could see the river. I suddenly knew where we were going, I had seen it in pictures and videos.. The Nantahala outdoor center, or “the noc” as we call it. A beautiful river with rapids and kayaks, park benches and tourists, cheeseburgers and a post office! Oh man. I was so happy I was running down hill and singing sweet Caroline.

We spent 3 hours down there, stuffing face, charging phones, dipping feet in the river, and yes, sending snail mail. It was beautiful. It hit about 60 degrees and was sunny all day. We left at 3 pm for the hardest climb yet of the hike. 6.7 miles, all uphill, on full stomachs. 3000 feet uphill, in fact. The climb was so tough! The first 2 miles we were already drenched in sweat. After about 4 miles we were so tired but heard voices and found the dopest water filling spot ever, which I posted a pic of below. The climb wasn’t without beauty though. We climbed through rhododendron hallways with pine needle floors and walls of the greenest moss, past mossy waterfalls and views of the gorge down below. Today was a good day.

We finally made it and we are in the coziest shelter ever. We fit like 8 ppl on the first floor alone. We caught up with some thru hikers that started march 1st, they are taking their time and I am jealous. I’m glad this is a cozy night, shoulder to shoulder with reroute and winging it, because well, it’s going to snow tonight, and tomorrow is a low of 10 degrees.

I’m cold and tired, so time for bed! Remember – life is what you choose!





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