Day 14

Wayah Bald Shelter to Wesser Bald shelter 10.6 Miles
131.4 / 2053.9

Woke up in the shelter to pouring rain. I was immediately glad I chose to sleep in a shelter. Slept in til 8:30 ish and started to get breakfast going. I lazily hung my food bag so it was easy to grab. We left around 10 and I had plastic grocery bags wrapped around my glove liners to make the perfect rain gloves.

The rain stopped around 11 and it was just misty and a little cold for the rest of the day. We decided to go 12 miles, stopping 5 miles at cold springs shelter for lunch. Some guy offered me a homemade version of a drug I wouldn’t want to try anyways, and then asked for my empty peanut butter jar which I gladly gave him and we were on our way.

We rested in telico gap where we met a family wig found out we’ve been hiking since march 10th and were pretty excited about that. 2 weeks in the woods! Kinda cool. We made it to our current shelter where we found reroute! She had once again skipped ahead, bringing our hotdogs we forgot at the budget inn!! Whaaaaaat?! So awesome. This is why I write a blog, so people know where to find me, and can bring hot dogs and or hard liquor. Just kidding. But a great way to end the day! It’s currently 32 and dropping so I got in my bag and am about to freeze for the night. Goodnight!




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