Day 13

Winding stair gap to wayah bald shelter – 11 miles
120.8 / 2064.5

We were up at 7 am for the free shuttle to the free all you can eat pancakes and bacon breakfast put on by first baptist. The hangover was a little rough. I really have not been sleeping well. Ate so much and went home to take a nap, only to jolt out of bed at 8:59 and decide we’re taking the 9 am shuttle, packing furiously and made them wait 10 minutes.

We were dropped off at around 9:45 at winding stair gap and hiked about 11 miles, dying on the inside the entire way. We found trail magic of a 12 pack of cold Budweiser, Cheetos Doritos snickers all kinds of goodness. I sat down and had a bud and some Doritos, and packed another one to go. I was almost asleep on my feet 20 minutes later. I finally got to wayah bald mountain and the view was incredible! The last 2 miles I was limping pretty bad because the knee pain came back. Stupid knee. Might of had something to do with being dehydrated. I chilled up at the mountain view for about 30 minutes and limped my last mile to the shelter.

I was the only one here when I arrived it was nice. Fresh, Dirty Harry, djunko, misty and gretta Were pretty close behind. Also no name and his son. Were all eating dinner at the shelter and I’m so tired it’s going to be an early night.




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One Response to Day 13

  1. mmaki1014 says:

    That’s trail magic I could really get behind.

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