Day 12

Long branch shelter to winding stair gap. 7 miles.
109.8 / 2075.5

Today I ended up in a town called Franklin, North Carolina, drinking moonshine out of pill bottles and listening to the owner of budget inn play the fiddle, let me explain.

Another beautiful day! Not one if us slept in that shelter last night. We’re very tired but luckily have enough beers in us to not care. We hiked a very pretty 7 ish miles with one hard uphill part. We were done hiking by noon. We got to the gap just as the budget inn van was rolling up and that set the tone for the night. We got 2 rooms for 8 of us, and soon saw Malibu, who was creepin all homeless like and asked to sleep on our floor. Of course he can. Wasn’t long before he was evicted and had to stay in another room (max of 4).

We ran into the group that sent some northbounders south to get away from them. We knew them! Good people I tell you. We had an hour to kill so we went to a coffee house that ended up being a bar, touché.

We took a shuttle to walmart and fat buddies BBQ. Amazing food! Had a couple pitchers there, and our shuttle driver, aka the owner of every hotel in town, aka the commissioner of the county, ron haven was a personality. His personality was like somebody’s body odor slapping you in the face, but in a good way? You’ll have to see for yourself. I put up a couple more videos under the video section. He’s playing guitar for everyone while we drink whiskey out of a centrum silver bottle and moonshine, I can’t make this stuff up.. thank you blue jay! Now he’s on the fiddle, thank you God.

Til next time!







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