Day 11

Beach Gap to Long Branch Shelter – 11.8 miles
102.5 / 2082.8

We have been going 100 miles so far! Thrilling! We are at the long branch shelter which is brand new and still has that new shelter smell! We got up and our tents were dry, weird! The sun came out too? Awesome. It was 36 in my tent so of course I waited a little bit. Stepped out into the Rhododendron Narnia jungle I decided to camp under. Sat and ate breakfast and lounged for about 45 minutes and started our day.

The walk was ridiculously easy today. The sun was shining, I was in one of the better moods I’ve been in all week. I remember thinking about my future, all the intriguing possibilities and specifically being in my friend Rachel’s wedding in October, and in these moments I was happy. We stopped in Betty creek gap around 12 for lunch and ran into the guy with his dog and reroute.

Then the hike got steep! After about 7 or 8 miles the trail decided to go straight up mount Albert, without switchbacks. Without packs this would have been challenging enough. With 35 lbs on the back and hiking poles, this was rough! But the views were so worth it! Not a cloud in the sky, a breezy 65 degrees and a 360 view of NC and Georgia mountains. Wow. These are the times when I remember why I hike. 🙂

We just got back from the campfire, we seriously have one every night. We could see the stars after the sunset. Talked to some section hikers from Georgia and now I’m camped in a shelter for the first time this trip. 3 walls and a ceiling. Goodnight!


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  1. How do you even get internet out there!

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