Day 10

Bly Gap to Beach Gap – 12.1 miles
90.7 so far / 2094.6 to go

Today started pretty cold and wet. I had slid down hill in my sleeping bag and was pretty wet when I woke up. It was raining so I just stated at my tent for a while instead of packing up. We left by 10 am, I musta been in my sleeping bag for 13 hours because it was so cold. I kept my rainfly on the outside of my pack and we started off.

The first climbs of N.C. Started out straight uphill. We climbed almost a thousand to start the day off. By 11:30 we had made the first 4 miles to muskrat shelter. Signed the log book, ate a snack and headed another 5 to old Indian shelter. Met a new hiker ‘rerouted’ who let me use her line to dry my sleeping bag and tent and we all headed for beach gap. The sun was out! It turned 55-60 degrees! What a beautiful day!

We summitted old Indian mountain around 3:30 and hung out with some hikers up top. Blue Jay from earlier and a new guy named ‘3 thumbs’. He had an accident that makes his hand look like he has 3 thumbs. Anyways, 5500 feet and I still had no service. Haven’t at all in NC. We are 20 miles from Franklin, NC and are planning to resupply there. I have to call my health insurance company there also. We made it to beach gap, started a fire, ate dinner, watched hilarious bear bag hanging attempts, and now I can see my breath so I went in my tent. Today was a good day!

Bear sanctuary, the sycamore hallway.




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