Day 9

Miles today – 8.7
78.6 / 2106.7

North Carolina! Crossed the border today, exciting! We got breakfast today next door at subway, I stopped by the post office to ship home the kindle I somehow already broke and the shuttle drove us to dicks creek gap bright and early around 11:45.

We got out into the mist, I like to refer to as the Georgia creep. We were pretty much in it all day. I couldn’t tell if it was raining or if the trees were just letting off water as the wind blew by. Visibility was around 50-100 feet for most of the day. It was cold and getting colder. Probably high 40s and the temp is quickly dropping. It’s 6:30 and I’m already in my bag because I’m cold haha. Oh well. I’m also exhausted, haven’t been sleeping that well.

We just built a fire out of wet wood and had hot dogs on a stick thanks to Fresh. Amazing. I’ll have to look at the map to see where we’re going tomorrow.





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2 Responses to Day 9

  1. Matt Thibodeau says:

    Love the post from yesterday, seems like a meal well deserved. Great pics! The trail magic sounds great. Keep truckin!

  2. BoobOnARock says:

    And that climb after the famous tree, can’t remember what the tree is called, but I do remember that climb! 🙂 one foot in front of the other!

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