Day 8

Miles today – 0

Took a zero today. Annnnd it was amazing!! Started the day off with so much food at blueberry patch shelter. Pancakes, home made blueberry syrup, eggs, biscuits, hash browns, sausage, oj and coffee. And I was STARVING after the rainy muddy cold day yesterday. We decided to hitch a ride to town (hiawassee, ga) after breakfast to stay and let our sore joints rest. Mcdonalds, grocery store, thrift store, beer store, beers, Dairy Queen. NOM!

A well deserved day of gluttony. We should be in North Carolina by tomorrow night! Can’t wait!

Breakfast and a very wet tent from 2 days ago. (Still wet)




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4 Responses to Day 8

  1. machete says:

    Im with you guys in spirit I hate not being there

  2. machete says:

    If you need any fire making tips I can make fires in the rain

  3. machete says:

    I will. Maybe I will catch you in the lowlands you guys will have to let me know where you are

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