Day 7

Miles today – 13.
69.6 / 2115.7

Woke up around 8, and it had already been raining for a while. Packed up the tent in the rain which always makes a mess and got on the trail. We walked 2 miles to the shelter and I was already soaked to the bone. My shoes were puddles, and my hands were freezing. We had breakfast in the shelter and set out again. It was 3.5 hours of nonstop rain and wind, going up and down mountains, until we got to the next shelter, dicks creek shelter. It was almost full so we called around town and everything was full. The only one left was blueberry patch hostel. We walked the longest wettest muddiest 3 miles and made it down by 4:45. I fell 3 times in the mud today, woo! We got picked up 15 minutes later.

I’m currently shacked up in the hostel, they did my laundry, my shoes / pack is drying, life is good. Forecast is rain for another couple days. Might take a zero tomorrow! Still having fun!

No pictures today, hands were too wet/ frozen. Also I’m starving-there is an all you can eat pizza buffet in town. I will keep you posted. Nom.



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2 Responses to Day 7

  1. I hope yu ate pizza!!!!!!!!

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