Day 6

Miles today – 13.4
56.6 / 2128.7

Campfire quote of the night.. “I fucking hate quiche. It makes me so angry. I mean, I love my grandma, but when she makes me quiche I just want to punch her in the face.” In a thick boston accent. I was dying laughing.

Woke up around 7:45 today at low gap shelter and it was packed. The shelter was full and I saw about 30 other tents. A hilarious campfire though. Got out of camp around 9:20 and hiked 7 miles before taking a break. The hike got rough! After another mile it was 1000 ft down in a mile, 1000 feet up in 1.5, 1100 ft down in 1.5 and another 500 ft up in 1 mile.

Fortunately we had new trail magic (people that have hiked like to give back in the form of food, place to stay etc.). So at unicoi gap (the first downhill after 8 miles) there were 4 guys doing this for 1 day only. I ate a hot dog, a piece of pizza, coors original, shot of moonshine, and shot of jack Daniels. Now that’s trail magic! Then went uphill 1000 feet in 1.5 miles and immediately regret that decision. We are camped at cheese factory campsite, found dope spots in this magical mangrove area, and a hidden campsite. I feel like I’m in the movie ‘the beach’. I’m with Harry and misty from London, Fresh, and Thin Mint.

Knee still hurts, but everyone’s does. Thinking about a zero at Patricks day or the day after. We’ve heard of shenanigans around and I am always down for shenanigans.





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