Day 4

7.4 miles today.
31.7 / 2153.6

Today, although short, was rough! Woke up at 7:45, freezing all night, and it was 22 degrees out. A little snow had accumulated. But it was also windy! Waited around in my bag, Ate some granola, and was out of camp by 9:10. I had my shirt, long sleeve, rain jacket, long underwear and hat and gloves on and still froze today.

We climbed about a thousand feet before the wind gusts were around 30-40. My camelback hose froze, and machetes water bottle froze. After walking 2 miles to jarrard gap, it was a 1200 foot climb, and it was so poorly marked I felt I got lost for 30 minutes. Finally I saw a shelter a mile from the top and pushed on. Made it to the top of Blood Mountain and there were machete and rob eating in the shelter.

Left a note, and climbed down to beeps gap where there is a famous outfitter located. Bought some supplies I needed and then 4 of us including Fresh, opted for a hot shower and a cabin. The cabin was 15 each, the lady is doing our laundry and if it wasn’t cold out is be out on the porch enjoying the mountain view.

I have no pictures of Blood Mountain because the cold air literally sapped all battery life I had.
But, sitting here, eating pizza and drinking beer.
Life is good.. Found some interesting poetry-posted below. (Were in the woodchuck cabin)






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7 Responses to Day 4

  1. Erin says:

    What is your trail name?? Bill???

  2. Michelle says:

    Awesome Will!

  3. glad yu have undies tho……

  4. Robert Hill says:

    Oh woodchuck dead and stuffed! Hahaha keeping up with you man, glad things are still going well and Strech is definitely better than lady shades. Wish we were still with you!

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