Day 3

Miles today – 9.9
Totals 24.3 / 2161.0

3 days and 33.3 miles and I am sore! My left knee still really bugs me going down hills. Luckily tomorrow will be a short day.

Today started with rain. Around 2 am it started raining and didn’t stop. I felt like a waterfall was hitting my tent at one point. I got up around 8 and packed up my tent in the rain, everything in my bag now soaked, and started on my day. But what a beautiful day! I stopped in gooch shelter to make breakfast out of the rain. The sky turned overcast and rained every now and then and was windy at times, but the trail was beautiful. Walking thru the woods in the rain made it feel like a jungle. I hiked 9.9 miles to lance creek and ran into some folks from the hostel I started in and had seen hiking here and there.

We just finished a campfire in the snow, and made dinner over the fire! I’m sitting in my tent listening to snow /hail hit my tent. It dropped down to the 20s and is still getting colder. Everyone decided to jump in their bags to get warm. I’m keeping my water bottle in my sleeping bag to stop from freezing.

Anyways, hope it’s not too cold tomorrow! Loving this!





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2 Responses to Day 3

  1. Cruzy loves when I read your stories out loud to him! Have fun!

  2. Youre sooooooooo freakin insane no idea how youre doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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