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A brief summary of the gear I took with me.  This is also a good way for you guys to double check that you have everything!  I have successfully hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in 152 days!!!  I won’t say I know everything there is to know about gear, but I can say this.  What I had, worked for me, and I finished.  That, in itself, should say a lot.

EDIT – Pack Base weight – 20.2 lbs.  This will change by the end of the week.

Base weight packed bag (no food,water) 20.2 lbs

Unpacked bag (no food)

Packed bag (no food,water) base weight - 20.2 lbs.

Packed bag (no food,water) base weight – 20.2 lbs.


Backpack + Raincover
-I used the ULA Circuit 2.2 lbs, however I ended up switching to this

Osprey Exos 58 at 2.7 pounds, it’s still lightweight, and can fit A LOT more in it.

Raincover  Osprey Ultralight Raincover
3.7 oz (seriously ultralight)

Tent and groundclothMSR HUBBA 1P Tent2 lb 7 oz, down to 1 lb. 10 oz.  This lasted me the entire trip, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS TENT!

MSR Hubba Footprint (for under tent)7 oz.

Sleeping bag (winter)Western Mountaineering Sycamore$480 – expensive is worth is when you are camping in the cold!  I hiked in 2.5 ft of snow, and the temps hit downwards of 13 degrees.  (25*) Regular – 2 lbs w/ stuff sack

Sleeping bag linerSea To Summit Thermolite Reactor Plus  $65.  (adds 20* warmth) 9.3 oz

PadThermarest NeoAir Xlite (regular) 12 0z. (Lightest for long trips, mine lasted the entire AT)

What I’m wearing

Shoes + InsolesSaloman Xa 3d Pro Ultra II Trail Running Shoes  /Insoles –Superfeet Green 1.76 lbs (both trail runners and insoles)  Now that is light.  Superfeet saved my life, and I believe I hiked the entire trail because of them.  They are worth checking out.  They have a couple options, but Green are the toughest.

Socks – Darn Tough  3 0z.   Best socks with life time warranty.  Get them.

UnderwearExofficio give and go mesh briefsPrevent the chafe.  You will thank me later.  Exofficio are THE BEST underwear to hike in.  I started off with regular briefs and barely survived.  I switched to these and they were a life changer.

SS Shirt – Patagonia Mens Merino Silkweight T-shirt 4.8 oz.

LS Shirt – Smartwool Midweight Zip Top 8 oz.

ShortsNylon running shorts 3.8 oz.

Trekking poles – Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork 1 lb 2 oz. I cannot stress this enough, trekking poles will save your knees and joints on long distance hikes.  This specific type of trekking poles were the MOST popular on the trail, as they left no blisters on your hands.  The price is worth it.  Black diamond is a great company.

Wallet – small ziploc bag will hold wallet/phone/headphones – will replace as needed

Watch – High Gear Alti-Xt (records temp/altitude among other things I don’t need)  🙂 Overall just looks awesome.

Bandana – 1 oz.


Stuff sack8 L Sea to Summit stuff sack 2 0z.

Cold weather jacket/pillowPatagonia Nano Puff Hooded Jacket 12.6 oz.

Underwear – extra pair (1)

Long UnderwearIcebreaker 7 0z.

Short Sleeve Shirt – polyester T shirt for camp – 4 oz.

Gloves Smartwool liner gloves 2.3 oz.

Socks – 2 pairs Darn Tough 6 oz.

Rain JacketPatagonia Torrentshell Waterproof Rain Jacket 14 oz.

Eating and Drinking

Water containers – 1 L water bottle and 3 L Osprey Hydraulics bladder 10.9 oz.

Water TreatmentAquamira drops 1 oz.

StoveSnow Peak GigaPower 3.75 oz.

PotSnowPeak Titanium Trek 900 Cook Set (pot 30 oz. lid 8 oz.) 6.2 oz.

Bear line50 ft paracord 4 oz.

Spork – .64 oz.


Bag liner – Compactor trash bag 2 oz.

Duct Tape + lighters – 2 oz.

HeadlampBlack Diamond Storm 3.9 oz.

Camera + chargerNikon Coolpix AW110 9 oz.

Cell phone/charger/case/battery – Iphone 5s / New Trent (USB capable, charges 2-3 times they say)

Anker Dual USB Charger – Can charge 2 items simultaneously with 1 wall plug in.  (Handy for the phone/kindle, as well as when other people need to share the same outlet)

Glasses + case – Glasses/case/contacts/solution 6 oz.  I will be bringing contacts as well as glasses.

Hygiene – (toothbrush/paste/floss/nail clippers/soap (Dr Bronners peppermint)/germ-x)

Towel – bandana 1 0z.

First aid – (alcohol swabs/ibuprophen (lots)/benadryl/duct tape/bandaids/gauze/tweezers/safety pins) *Thanks Redditors!

Trail Guide/JournalAWOL 2014 NOBO Guide 8 oz.

Kindle– 10.5 oz.(I read countless books on the Appalachian Trail, I use the kindle on every trip.  Worth the less than a lb. of weight in my opinion)

KnifeSmith & Wesson extreme ops knife   3.2 oz.

Body Glide Anti Chafe – 1.5 oz.


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15 Responses to Gear

  1. No first aid kit?

  2. Revid says:

    No traction devices if the trail is icy? Yeah, me neither.

    • shwayze23 says:

      No sir! I probably need to get RID of a few things actually. I’ve seen pictures of the trail recently, and it doesn’t look bad. It’s in the 50s-60s down there.

  3. Jacquez says:

    Flip flops. Your feet will want it so hard some times.

    Nice pack by the way. I used the same one in 2004.

    • shwayze23 says:

      Yes! I totally forgot about camp shoes/flip flops. I tried to find some light ones and it went to the back of my mind. Good news you liked the pack! Thanks for the advice!

    • Jacquez says:

      And ditch the phone. I carried mine for the first three days and got rid of it. You won’t really need it.

      • shwayze23 says:

        Haha I wish I could! I am almost a slave to my technology. However, I plan on (trying to) blog daily. I also am emailing a friend bi weekly publishing those to Did you have any kind of ipod or anything? Books, music etc?

  4. I hope you have extra underwear -____-

  5. megan says:

    you’re missing an “i” in hygiene. other than that i think you’ve got everything!

  6. andylowe25 says:

    Do yourself a favor and get a pair of dirty girl gaiters. It will be the best piece of gear you buy. If you can’t get them before you leave, the outfitter in Hot Springs stocks them and you’ll be there in about three weeks. Have a great trip!!

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