25 day countdown, 2 weeks notice – No more work!

That’s right.  2 weeks notice was given last Friday!  Friday, Feb 21st will be the last day.  9 more days!  25 more days until I attempt a thru-hike of the entire Appalachian Trail!  Almost time to distance myself from everything I currently know, and am comfortable with, to branch out into the unknown of adventure.  Time to lead a simpler life for 5-6 months.  Mundane worries put aside, as I strive to decide simply where I will sleep for the night, what food to pack for the days until I resupply, deprivation leading to the appreciation of a life I used to live, and positive thoughts of the future I will return to.  They say the thousand daily tasks can make a man forget his original ambitions.   This is certainly true for myself.  I will take this time to take a step back, take a deep breath, refocus, and hopefully come back with more confidence, more purpose, and will of had the time of my life.   A tad bit dramatic, but those are my thoughts currently.

I leave in less than 2 weeks, February 25 to drive across country with my dog.   My aim is MA, staying the first night(s) *depends on how fun it gets – in Colorado with my college friend Crazy Rachel.  My flight isn’t until March 9, so I could take my time, or hurry up, whichever feels better.  I do need to be in town at least a couple days to get my head straight, train my parents who will be my long distance command center how to pay my bills from my dwindling bank account, and get some last gear.  I found out my buddy works at an outfitter and is offering me a chance at employee prices, so I am taking advantage of that, thus waiting until the last minute (It’s in NH).

To all those who just went out on the trail, stay warm!  I’ve noted the weather conditions from my internet source a friend sent to me (Appalachian Trail Planner) are less than equable, the hiker hostel posted some photos of the beginning of the trail 2 days ago, snow – and lots of it.  1798256_10151997788162991_782504860_n

Looks like another wintry mix storm (ice/sleet etc. coming in)  Be safe everyone!


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6 Responses to 25 day countdown, 2 weeks notice – No more work!

  1. ncmhat says:

    Good luck to you on the trail! I can only imagine how you’re feeling as the day grows nearer! We look forward to hearing about your experiences!

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