Health Insurance and the Appalachian Trail

Yes, at some point we all have to ask ourselves the tough question.  What kind (if any) of health insurance should I get?  I have been putting this off for far too long, thinking it will naturally solve itself.  This one is tough, there is no way I want to risk not having any health insurance, in case of a fall, contracting some sort of disease (Giardia from untreated water, Lyme Disease which seems to be so prevalent on the trail, West Nile Virus from those damn skeeters), getting mauled by a dance-happy moose, bit by a snake, etc.  There are a lot of dangers on the Appalachian Trail!  Since I have had my history of injuries (torn rotator cuff, 2 spinal compression fractures, surgery on left ankle, eye surgery) and seem to come down with all types of the colds flus that go around, all the better reason to get health insurance.

I looked into the possibility of trip insurance, I have read other bloggers that have gotten this, and said it covered medical emergencies for the entire trip (6 months in their case).  However, my parents did not think this to be enough, and were willing to help me get better coverage.  I looked into Obamacare, went into the website and applied.  This was not as scary or hard as I have been told.  After doing some research, I found the platinum health care held the plans I wanted.  I cross referenced the plans they had on with the plans that Blue Cross Blue Shield offers and found them to be the same exact price.  I ended up just calling Blue Cross and getting the plan through them.  I had to go through the state I was living in (Arizona), and asked if I would be covered in all states.  I CAN be covered in all states as long as the plan didn’t have the word select or alliance in it.  I ended up going with a plan called Co Pay Complete 20.  Basically any doctors/hospitals/Urgent Cares that take Blue Cross I will be accepted at IN NETWORK.  Gangster.  It took a weekend of reading but it had its rewards.  The cost is great, but it will be worth it in the long run.

I wanted to post this in case anyone had any similar questions on health insurance.  I would be more than willing to help answer what I can about it.  I seem to be the only one of my friends who has visited and came out alive.  The trip starts in 6 weeks and I am fully covered!  Starting to sleep easier 🙂


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