Hiker Hostel booked!

Alright, I leave in 35 days to drive across country arriving in Andover, MA.  Hanging out/preparing until I fly to Georgia March 9.  I have been emailing with a new Appalachian Trail friend also hiking this year and have received good advice as to where to start the trip.  I found http://www.hikerhostel.com to be ‘A great place to start’.  I researched this on trip advisor, 18 reviews, all 18 were excellent.  Intriguing.  4000 sq. feet, a bunk, a shuttle from North Marta Station to the hostel, BREAKFAST, and 8 ounces of fuel (canister is $3.99 as Revid has provided in the comments), and a ride to either the Approach trail or Springer Mt. parking lot.  All for $80?  http://giphy.com/gifs/7ND8xzTlR5b8s (Thru-hiker special).  Wow.  Plus, this place looks dope.  Look at that porch!  Image

On another note, I have been doing some research (I typed things into google) on what I can and cannot bring on my flight to Georgia.  Apparently I can check everything except for a fuel canister (I won’t even risk bringing an empty one) which does not worry me because this hiker hostel offers an 8 ounce on for the aforementioned $3.99 price.  Has anyone packed hiking poles and are they a hassle at the airport?  These will be checked and likely tossed around potentially broken by my favorite airline employees.  (I have a friend who calls a day a “no hitter” when he does not have to touch a luggage bag.)

Anyways, 35 days until I am in my car with my nuts dog well on my way to the fine state of Massachusetts!  Looking forward to it!


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6 Responses to Hiker Hostel booked!

  1. Revid says:

    I will be staying at the Hiker Hostel on the night of March 5th. Isn’t it 8 oz. of fuel only? Not a canister?

    I have not decided if I will check my bag or ship all of my stuff. I kind of want to ship it all and buy some clothes from goodwill to wear on my trip there, then ditch them when I arrive.

  2. shwayze23 says:

    Ahh yes, you are right. Thanks for the heads up. If we ship the bag, are we able to put a fuel canister in there? I’m assuming either way it would have to be empty. I’ve started looking into alcohol stoves also.. Not quite sure yet.

  3. Revid says:

    leave your canisters at home, they sell them at the Hostel for $3.99. I have a caldera cone alcohol stove but you might be smarter than me if you start with canister. I’m sure i’ll regret not bringing mine when trying to cook when its windy and 10 degrees out. 🙂

  4. shwayze23 says:

    Ahhh, touche sir! Thank you for the insider information! I’m gonna start out with the canister fuel stove and then I will probably switch up. Looking forward to this! You pumped?! Almost 1 month left!

  5. Revid says:

    Yeah man, I can’t wait. If I could induce a coma and wake up in March I would.

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