2 Month countdown!

Wow, everything has been flying by.  With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, work and the amount of other crap I keep myself preoccupied with, I find myself here, 2 months til I land in Georgia.  Mentally, I’m prepared (I read a great book ‘Appalachian Trials’ by Zach Davis, that I think hit a lot of points that were missing in the other books I have read, I have almost all the gear I need, I am missing a couple key things but have the plan to collect shortly.  I purchased a new pair of trail runners – Salomon Xa Pro 3D, I have heard good things and it is a great company.  I’ve tried them out on a couple short day hikes with my dog, and I have decided I like them.  But we will see how they last.

The only things left to purchase really are a cozy light weight down jacket that will double as my pillow, and a couple hiking shirts.  Other than that, I’m ready to start.  I’ve become increasingly excited and I guess anxious, as one would expect.  I am going to leave everything I know, the comforts of home and technology on demand, and attempt a 2200 mile backpacking trip with a dropout rate of 70%.  I’m so excited to be back out in the woods, feel the fresh mountain air, not report to a boss every day, go at my own pace, take in the scenery, and increasingly be in the best cardiovascular shape of my life.  My friends have been asking questions ranging from ‘Are you taking a gun’ (No I’m not, but people in Arizona rarely travel without one, even to work), to ‘Are you insane?’.  I believe a lot of them are excited for me and would like to do something like this of their own if they had the time/funds.  Life is what you choose!

My journey begins shortly after my 30th birthday, February 23, which I will then pack up and drive myself and my dog Shwayze across country to Massachusetts where I grew up.  My dog does not do well in the car..  So if any of you have any tips of how to road trip with a dog without going insane, let me know :).  I will arrive in MA sometime around March 1, staying at my parents house until I depart the morning of March 9 for Atlanta.  I have yet to arrange a pickup/hostel stay that night, but I have had some good advice from a new found friend that will also be hiking the trail starting March 12.  And then it is GAME ON!  I can’t wait!  I look forward to blogging about this adventure as well, so keep checking in!

Enjoy the day!


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2 Responses to 2 Month countdown!

  1. ncmhat says:

    I loved reading your post! My friend Nick and I are also planning to hike the AT and are gathering lots of gear for the trip! We recently purchased the mountain hardwear ghost whisperer down jacket and it’s great. Super light weight and warm. It stows away in its own pocket so it would double as a pillow perfectly! I hope this suggestion helps and we wish you luck on your journey! 🙂

  2. shwayze23 says:

    Thank you! That is awesome when do you guys start? I’ve heard great things about Mountain Hardwear and will check out that jacket so thank you for the suggestion!

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